How much upkeep do Kiko goats require?

Kiko goats thrive regardless of the management style. Some kiko goat breeders have a great deal of input with daily grain, while some breeders have almost no input and let their goats live off of foraging. Either way, Kiko goats still thrive. The biggest advantage of their breed is their maternal instincts. The does have their kids, get them up and nursing in no time. It requires a lot less upkeep than most people think.

How hardy are Kiko goats?

Kikos have great parasite resistance and sound hardy feet. Also, Kiko kids are normally very vigorous at birth. This means you have to do minimal worming and assistance at kidding time. Most breeders will cull any animal that does not live up to the standards, which keeps these traits strong in the Kiko breed. We have been lucky that most of the animals we have came from reputable breeders who adhere to these standards.

What does goat meat taste like?

Goat meat is very versatile. It is great in roasts, chops, and as ground meat. Ground goat is a great replacement for ground beef because it is much healthier for you. It can also be used to make delicious sausages like bratwurst, summer sausage, etc. You can create a tasty sausage using goat instead of pork. Goat meat is a healthier alternative and it can be quite tasty!

Why are your Kiko goats the best?

We acquired our goats from some of the best Kiko goat breeders in the business and have culled any animals that did not meet our expectations. Any Kiko we sell for breeding stock is guaranteed to meet standards. If they do not meet our expectations of average daily gain and weaning weight, then they are culled to the meat market. We only keep Kiko goats that have parasite resistance and hardy feet, so we expect their kids to also carry those traits. Finally, we do not creep feed our kids, so the weight and average daily gain is not inflated by feeding them high protein grain. The only grain our kids receive is what the mom lets them have, which is not very much.

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